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More then thirty years of debate, and the controversy remains as polarised as ever. This website (to be fair - whose maintainer is anti-nuclear) collects news about nuclear power in Europe, sorted by nuclear power plant, type of power plant, country etc.

By presenting different (media) angles on current nuclear issues, we hope to be able to cut out some spin, either pro or against, and to allow the reader to make up his or her own mind about today's pro's and con's of nuclear power.

In the menu on the right you can select your country, the nuclear power plant in your neighbourhood, or your favourite company and read latest (most English) news about it.

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Leakage of Water Treated by the Multi-Nuclide Removal Facility (ALPS)

On 17 December 2014, TEPCO found that treated water being transferred to the J6 Tank Area was leaking from an open end of a branch pipe connected to the main pipe.
While having an open end, the valve on the branch pipe was open. Closing the valve on the branch pipe stopped the leakage.

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Leakage of Contaminated Water from a Flange of Water Pressure Measuring instrument

On 6 February,2014, TEPCO found that the water treated by Simplified Active Water Retrieve and Recovery System (SARRY, cesium removal facility) and Reverse Osmosis Desalination Facility (RO) was leaking from the flange of water pressure measuring instrument equipped to the water pipe in which the water was running to the reactors unit 1 to 3 for their cooling.
The leaked water was flowing into the underground nearly under the water pressure measuring instrument.
The water leakage from the flange was stopped by means of closing the valve attached between the flange and the water pipe.
The amoun

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Leakege of Contaminated Water from the Top Plate of a Tank at B Area (South)

On 2 October, 2013, TEPCO found a water dropping from around the top plate of B area (south) tank (No.5 tank at Group A in B area), in where treated water from the desalination apparatus is stored, at Fukushima Daiichi NPS.
The leaked water was not only dropping inside the dike, but also dropping to outside of the dike at B area (south) via the scaffold installed around the tank for inspection.
Because it cannot be denied that the water leaked from the top plate of the tank flowed into the drainage channel via the side ditch nearby, and leaked into the sea, TEPCO performed water-stop measures

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Inappropriate Transfer of Contaminated Water

The Central Waste Building at Fukushima Daiichi NPS has been currently used as a storage facility for contaminated water from the Nuclear Reactor Buildings Unit 1 to 4.
On 11 April, 2014, TEPCO found that the level of contaminated water in the Central Waste Building unnaturally fell down although the contaminated water was not transferred to other places, and on
13 April, 2014, it was found by TEPCO that some contaminated water in the Central Waste Building was transferred to the Incineration Building, which has been prepared as an emergency storage facility for contaminated water.

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Leakage of Contaminated Water from a Desalination System

Approximately 11 m3 amount of water leakage occurred from a
pipe joint of desalination system (reverse osmosis membrane, RO-3) inside the temporary warehouse on 9 October, 2013.
The water has retained in the dike installed in the warehouse.
The radioactivity concentration of the leakage water was 34kBq/cm3 by totall beta nuclides.
Out of eleven workers who were working in the warehouse, six workers had radioactive material on their bodies, and five workers had no radioactive material on their bodies.

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Leakage of Contaminated Water from the Upper Part of Tank C-1 in H-6 Tank Area

At 23:25 (Japan time) on 19 February, 2014, TEPCO found that water was leaking from the upper part of Tank C-1 in H-6 Tank Area, which has stored the water that was condensed by RO (reverse osmosis desalination facility) after the treatment by SARRY (cesium removal facility), to the dike surrounding H-6 Tank Area and to the outside of the dike through the rainwater drainpipe running from the upper part of Tank C-1 to the ground surface beyond the dike.
At 05:40 (Japan time) on 20 February, 2014, TEPCO succeeded in stopping the water leakage by means of closing the valves installed between Tank

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Stolen radioactive sources

On the 6th of March 2015 total of 22 containers with Co-60 category 5 (activity between 40 MBq and 200 MBq on 2015-03-06) radioactive sources were reported stolen from a storehouse in Poznan. On the 10th of April the licensee informed that 7 of the containers previously reported stolen have remained intact inside the storehouse. Aggregated activity of the stolen sources equals about 1,7 GBq.

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Overexposure of radiation workers

After an engineer and two operators had completed the logging operation and prepared the rig floor for lifting the logging source, logging tools were brought back to surface. The two radioactive logging sources, Cs-137 and Am241-Be, were unloaded from the logging tools by the engineer.

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Overexposure to Radiographer

The Lead Radiographer and three assistant radiographers were completing two exposures lasting 35 seconds each. The set-up time for the exposures was approximately 15 to 18 minutes. After completing two exposures, one individual noticed that his pocket dosimeter read off scale, a second individual read their dosimetry at 0.5 mSv (50 mrem), the third individual read their pocket dosimeter as off scale, and the fourth individual was not wearing a dosimeter. Two individuals were wearing functioning rate meters and two were not.

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Luxembourg confirms opposition to Hinkley

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Luxembourg has confirmed that it will back Austria in filing a lawsuit against the European Commission for the decision to allow billions of pounds of subsidies for Hinkley Point C, casting fresh doubt over the UK’s first planned nuclear reactors in 20 years.

Monique Clement, Private Secretary at Luxembourg’s Department of the Environment told Power Engineering International, “Yes we are going to follow Austria. That’s the decision of the Luxembourg government.”

Asked what the rationale was for Luxembourg’s opposition, the spokesperson was not forthcoming.

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