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Power fears as nuclear output cut

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

MORE than half of Britain's nuclear power stations are either closed or working at reduced capacity, it emerged yesterday, prompting fears of power shortages next month.

Six of the UK's ten nuclear stations are not operating at full capacity. Three are completely closed, one is operating at half capacity and two have been reduced to 70 per cent because of safety fears.

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German ministry approved Unterweser reactor restart

Monday, September 22, 2008

FRANKFURT, Sept 22 (Reuters) - E.ON's Unterweser nuclear plant in northern Germany was given the green light for a restart after its annaul maintenance outage, the environment ministry of the state of Lower Saxony said in a statement on Monday.

The ministry oversees nuclear safety in the state.

Wholesale power traders had expected a gradual restart of the 1,344 MW unit from Monday and for the plant to run at half load until the end of October.

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Unavailability of 1 out of 4 main steam safety and relief valve station

The plant was in 60% power operation. During activities to identify the cause of an anomaly in the turbine oil system the operators actuated a turbine trip with the turbine bypass in manual mode and closed. As to be expected by design the reactor was tripped by high main steam pressure and the pressure in the main steam lines was automatically controlled via the main steam safety valves and the main steam relief valves. After about 30 sec the turbine bypass was brought back to operation . This terminated the event.

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