The Message of Zwentendorf

30 years ago on 5th November, the Austrian people decided in a popular referendum against the start – up of the nuclear power plant Zwentendorf at the Danube, which had been completed shortly before. One year later, the partial melt down accident occurred in the nuclear power plant Three Mile Island (US). The Chernobyl NPP disaster in 1986 proved one more time, that this was the right decision to take: Nuclear power poses a danger to life.

The nuclear lobby pictured the path without nuclear energy with dark prognoses, which were not to come true: The lights did not go out, nor did Austria live through an economic decline in the past 30 years. Over and over again we see that nuclear industry cannot keep its promise of guaranteeing nuclear safety: Accidents in nuclear power plants are the rule and not the exception, as the serious accidents and events in Paks/Hungary (2005), Forsmark (2006), Asco/Spain (2007) and Tricastin/France (2008) show. Still there is no solution to the problem of safe final repositories for radioactive nuclear waste. In spite of this, worldwide nuclear power plants continue to produce more and more of this dangerous waste. The high price of oil and climate change are now being abused as an argument for a renaissance of nuclear power.

Our message to all people connected by the Danube: Nuclear power is an expensive and costly energy source. Increased investment in nuclear power comes too late to contribute to climate change prevention and even the fuel – uranium – is available on a very limited basis. Nuclear power is not sustainable, our children and our children ́s children will not be safe from the potential impact of today ́s nuclear waste. The solution is an intelligent and efficient use of renewable energy sources. Nuclear power is not part of the solution.

Message by Global 2000, translated into German, English, Slovakian, Hungarian, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian, the languages of the Danube nations.

Brussels against exporting nuclear waste outside EU

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brussels is against member states exporting their nuclear waste to countries outside the EU or to store it in joint sites, energy commissioner Gunther Oettinger said, as the commission is working on a set of common safety standards for this dangerous material.

"It is the duty of national politicians to do their homework," Mr Oettinger told Financial Times Deutschland in an interview published on Wednesday (10 March). The German commissioner warned against common storage sites, as well as exporting the radioactive material outside the EU, for instance Russia.

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Austria should exit Euratom Treaty: Green party

Thursday, November 6, 2008

(VIENNA) - The Austrian Green party called Tuesday for Austria to quit the European Atomic Energy Community (Euroatom or EAEC), saying public money paid to the body could be better used elsewhere.

Austria, which is constitutionally opposed to nuclear energy, "must exit the Euroatom Treaty," Green party spokeswoman Eva Glawischnig said.

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