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Fuel fail and emission from research reactor

Fuel rods were unloaded October 17 2016, and placed in an open container in the handling compartment. The reactor was then in shutdown. On October 20th increased levels of noble gasses were detected in the filters from the handling compartment. The fuel in the handling compartment was inspected and several faults on fuel rods were detected.
These were moved to a storage container on October 24, however the container was discovered to not be leak tight. The levels of I-131 and I-132 in the Reactor hall were still increasing.

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Overexposure to workers to radiografic source

Three workers were exposed to doses while working in a bunker. One worker was shielded, two were not.
The source is Se-75 1,5 TBq
Two workers were exposed to approx. 30 mSv, well above the annual limit of 20 mSv
The shielded workers dose was approx. 0.6 mSv.

None of the workers had dosimeters.

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Overexposure of radiographyworker over the annual limit

Worker, wearing warning device (not dosimeter) was in a bunker with an unsecured source (Ir-192 - 555 GBq).

Dose received approx. 32 mSv.

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The Nordic Council debate about nuclear power

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"No more Chernobyl disasters," Kristen Touborg MP writes in Jyllands-Posten. A member of Denmark's Socialist People's Party, Touborg is also deputy chair of the Nordic Council Environment and Natural Resources Committee. The committee visited Chernobyl and the surrounding areas of Ukraine and Belarus during the summer and the impression made by field trip has not diminished her opposition to nuclear power.

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Nuclear watchdog to combat terrorist threat

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An international watchdog aiming to prevent the theft from nuclear sites of material that could be used in terrorist attacks has been launched.

The World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS), which will be based in Vienna, Austria, will seek to prevent the material falling into the wrong hands.

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”Murmansk” wreckage is radioactive

Friday, August 1, 2008

The wreckage of the old Russian cruiser “Murmansk” has been stranded outside to coast of Finnmark in northern Norway for 15 years. Recent investigation has revealed that there is radioactive substances inside the ship.

Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten printed the story about radioactive “Murmansk” last Friday, and it has led to a massive national media attention in Norway on the environmental hazard it seems to represent.

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Norway to offer Russia $2.4 mln to upgrade nuclear storage facility

Friday, February 22, 2008

MURMANSK, February 21 (RIA Novosti) - Norway is to provide 58 million rubles ($2.4 million) for the overhaul of a nuclear waste storage facility in northern Russia, a spokesman for the Murmansk Region governor said on Thursday.

The plan was announced during a meeting between Governor Yury Yevdokimov and the governor of Norway's Finnmark county, Gunnar Kjonnoy, in Kirkenes, a Norwegian town near the Russian border.

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Finnish nuclear revival not seen in other Nordics

Friday, February 1, 2008

HELSINKI, Jan 30 (Reuters) - Finland is pressing ahead with a new atomic power station and Swedes have abandoned some of their deep-seated opposition to nuclear energy but other Scandinavian countries are unlikely to resort to it.

While governments worldwide have increasingly been looking to nuclear energy to reduce carbon emissions, Norway is set to rely on its abundant hydro-electric power and Denmark, a big emitter of carbon dioxide (CO2), is expected to keep burning fossil fuels.

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Nulear power for Shtokman?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

08:50 - 03 December 2007
Norwegian environmental group Bellona fears that Gazprom will use nuclear power to provide electricity to the huge Shtokman gas-field project.

The NGO has sought action by Norway's foreign ministry to prevent Gazprom taking the nuclear route.

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European anti-nuclear ministers want alternatives to nuclear power

Monday, October 1, 2007

Vienna - High-ranking European government officials, representing anti-nuclear states Austria, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Italy, Luxembourg, and Latvia, called Monday for alternatives to a renaissance of nuclear energy.

The group met in Vienna on Sunday and Monday to forge a joint declaration against nuclear energy. At a press conference, the participating politicians called for more investment into energy efficiency measures and renewable energies.

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