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Internal contamination of radiation workers during radioactive waste management

On 2nd December 2013 three radiation workers opened 4 metal drums filled with compacted radioactive wastes containing 241-Am. The purpose of opening the drums was the waste sorting and compaction of waste at higher pressure. During operation contamination occurred. The control measurements found the worker’s hands, clothing, and the waste compactor room contaminated.

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Explosion and fire at Centraco CENTRACO waste processing and conditioning plant

On 12 September 2011 at 11h45 pm (9.45 UTC), the explosion of a furnace used for melting low-level (LL) and very low-level (VLL) metallic radioactive waste triggered a fire at the CENTRACO nuclear installation located in Codolet, adjacent to but separate from Marcoule nuclear site (France, Gard Département). The fire ended at 1.00 pm (11.00 UTC) on the same day.

This explosion caused one worker's death and injuries to four others, including one seriously due to deep burns.

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Worker Overexposure

On November 1, three workers were involved in separating sources, shielded containers, and trash from a barrel. Work was being conducted in a ventilated enclosure within a PEcoS waste processing building. Two workers inside the enclosure were wearing respirators and the supervisor, who was not wearing a respirator, was immediately outside the enclosure directing the work. At the end of the day, the supervisor noted he was contaminated. The supervisor was scheduled for whole-body counting at the Battelle facility early the next day.

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Fire in Nuclear Waste Volume Reduction Facilities of JAEA

On February 13th, at 15:33 (06:33UTC), in melting test of non-radioactive wastes (sham radioactive wastes), fire broke out at the exit of plasma melting furnace in the Advanced Volume Reduction Facilities of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) located in Tokai-mura.
The operation for fighting a fire was immediately taken, and at 18:00 (9:00UTC) extinction was confirmed by the Office of Fire and Disaster Management.
There is no people injured nor consequence to the environment.

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During routine sampling of water from storm drain on May 8, 1995, an activity of 10 Bq/litre predominantly Caesium-137 was detected in the open drain coming from the Waste Immoblisation Plant (WIP), Tarapur Complex. Investigations carried out revealed the source of activity to be the steam condensate from the steam coil of concentrator of WIP. The event is rated at level 1 of INES.

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