Ignalina nuclear power plant asks permission to increase price on electricity

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

At present, Ignalina nuclear power plant buys the nuclear fuel for about 80% higher price than over the previous year. Network distribution companies are also preparing plans for raising prices. Ignalina nuclear power plant intends to present the request to the State Control Commission for Prices and Energy until October 2008 on the increase of the sale price for the produced electricity.

"We will ask to increase prices because of the price growth for nuclear fuel – this is our main argument, and of course, inflation. Currently I cannot say what exactly will be the increase of price we will ask for but there are no doubts that we will ask," Director of Ignalina nuclear power plant Viktoras Sevaldinas spoke for the daily Respublika about new predicted prices.

According to the head of the power plant, the price for nuclear fuel comprises over 30% of the total primary cost of electricity production.

Moreover, according to Sevaldinas, the power plant is currently in the situation of waiting. If the work of Abisala does not bring results by the end of this year, we may forget about the further work of the nuclear power plant as it will be almost impossible to order the nuclear fuel. Ignalina nuclear power plant is surrounded with uncertainty and it is waiting. Only several months remain to order the nuclear fuel for 2010 – next year it will be especially problematic. "Of course, the sooner you order the nuclear fuel, the better. But it is difficult to say, which month will be last for making the order," the head of the power plant said.

Network distribution companies have not raised prices for electricity this year and intend to consider the question of new tariffs approximately in September.

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