Ignalina AE stops operating due to repair

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lietuvos Energija says that it is fully prepared for the scheduled repair of Ignalina power plant and the consumers will not face anye shortage of electricity. During the repair, other Lithuanian power stations will provide country with the necessary electricity and it will also be imported from other countries, writes ELTA.

The main producer of electricity will be Lietuvos Elektrine in Elektrenai, which will operate at higher than usual capacity.

It is forecasted that, over the period of Ignalina AE repair, the consumption of electricity energy in Lithuania will be about 2 TWh. The country"s power stations will produce about 43% of electricity and 57% of it will be imported from Russia, Estonia and Scandinavia. The second Ignalina AE reactor is scheduled to start operating on September 30; it should reach its usual power of 1300 megawatts in October 5.

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