Gov't: Nuclear power not an option

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Greek Development Minister Christos Folias on Monday reiterated that use of nuclear power for electricity production in Greece is not an option in the country's energy sector strategy.

"Greece is closely following the concern and dialogue unfolding within the EU," he said.

Addressing an open discussion on the topic of "Conventional, Renewable and Nuclear Energy: Options and climate change challenges - Energy security in the EU", Folias stated that within the framework environmental protection efforts in Greece, the east Mediterranean nation is orientated more towards the effective utilisation of solar, hydro, wind and geothermal energy to produce "green electricity", as well as boosting renewable energy sources (RES).

"A total of 329 new investments worth 1.2 billion euros are close to being completed and are expected to add 919 MW to the currently produced 1,100 MW of electricity," he said.

He also referred to a RES draft law tabled in Parliament last week.

Folias mentioned a draft law on biofuel, currently under preparation, adding that conditions are being created for the development and rational utilisation of geothermal power in the country.

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