EDF criticised for 'lack of rigour' in security at Fessenheim nuclear plant

Saturday, April 7, 2007

PARIS (Thomson Financial) - The French nuclear security authority, ASN, has criticised EDF for 'a lack of rigour' in the application of security procedures at its Fessenheim nuclear power plant in north-east France.

In an assessment presented to the press today, the ASN said that 'despite the action initiated (...), the operator (EDF) shows a lack of rigour in the application of procedures.'

The authority noted that the 'conditions for interventions by service providers and the supervision of outsourced activities by EDF should be improved further.'

In addition, certain minor incidents at the plant could be attributed to failings in 'routine' procedures adopted by EDF staff, according to the ASN.

Nonetheless, the ASN stressed that it had no doubts over security at the Fessenheim plant, adding that its overall assessment was 'fairly satisfactory.'

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