Hoax message about "Finnish nuclear accident" spreading like wildfire in e-mail

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A hoax message passed via e-mail is doing the rounds of the Internet, claiming that a nuclear accident has taken place in the Mikkeli region of Finland. There is no nuclear facility near Mikkeli.

The spam mail is made particularly confusing as it is written in Finnish - though as with all the previous Englsh-language spam out there, the language skills of the author leave something to be desired.

The mail comes with a link that should NOT be clicked open, as it installs malware - in the form of a variant of the ZBot trojan previously used in online banking scams - on the host computer.

Details of the attack are available from the F-Secure site below.

The message itself is not malicious, but the best course of action is to delete the e-mail - and a similar attempt (also in Finnish) that offers the services of Tatjana as a friend and sexual companion - immediately.

For your reference, the two mails are titled "Uutinen Suomen ydinsaastumisesta" and "Etsin rakastajaa" respectively. If you are sceptical about nuclear accidents where no nuclear power station exists, you should be equally sceptical that Tatjana would contact you out of the blue and offer you her fleshly delights.

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