Six Arrested In An Anti-Nuclear Protest

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Six people protesting the nuclear power plant planned to be built in Sinop, a Black Sea Coast Town, are taken into custody. The Greens Party asks the government to cancel the plan.

According to the announcement the Greens Party made today (August 20), the six people protesting the planned nuclear plant by having a sit-in in front of the Turkish Atomic Energy Institution (TAEK) in Sinop were taken into custody.

Four of those taken into custody are Ekotopya camp members and three among these four are foreign nationals. The other two are the members of Sinop’s City And Life Without Nuclear Association (SİNYAD). The six people are still at the police station.

Co-spokesperson of the Greens Party Ümit Şahin said, “As the Greens Party, we condemn the impatience shown to those who are trying to use their legitimate right to oppose. We ask the government to cancel the nuclear bidding that they are planning to get done with by September 24, instead of bothering those who are against nuclear plants. (CU/EZÖ/TB)

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