Report on Possibility of Building Nuclear Research Reactor in Azerbaijan to be Prepared within three years: IAEA Secretariat

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Azerbaijan, Baku, 3 September /corr. Тренд News R.Novruzov / The IAEA will devise a report on the possibility of building nuclear research reactor in Azerbaijan within three years, IAEA technical coordinator, Andrei Chupov, who is on visit to Azerbaijan, briefed the media on 3 September.

Chupov’s visit began on 2 September. Meetings will be held at the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, State Committee on Standardization. Today he conducted a meeting in the National Academy of Sciences and with the Head of the Oncologic Center, where safety of personnel, which works with the apparatuses, which present radiation hazard, was the basic theme of discussions.

“The report will be presented to the Government. The project is envisaged for three years, but we hope that we will pack in two years,” said Chupov. “Certain time is necessary for the Government to make a decision, and we should already work over the next stage in order to be packed in the framework, which have been determined,” he noted.

The IAEA provided official permission to build the first nuclear reactor in Azerbaijan.

The Government of Azerbaijan gave its consent to the building, which is envisaged to begin to be constructed in 2009 and completed in 2010.

The Institute of Radiation Problems prepared and presented to Government the packet of proposals on building atomic power plant in Azerbaijan. Institute considers creation alternative energy source in Azerbaijan is important.

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