INES directory

On this page you can browse the directory of reported nuclear and radiation incidents reported to the IAEA.

Please be aware that this directory is not complete, certainly not below INES-2, as different national regulatory bodies have different measures as to what to report to the IAEA and what not.

It is also possible to check a map with all reported the incidents.

To get notified of nuclear incidents as they are added to the directory, follow @ines_events on Twitter or through the RSS-feed.

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Event date Location Incident INES level
2014-10-14 Bordeaux University Hospital - Pellegrin Hospital A practitioner’s regulatory annual exposure dose limit was exceeded 2
2014-10-08 Talara, Piura, Geowell S.A.I.C. THEFT OF RADIOACTIVE SOURCES 1
2014-09-17 FUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI Discovery of a Crack in a Connection Valve between Tanks for Concentrated Water Treated by Reverse Osmosis
2014-09-12 APAVE Company/Hồ Chí Minh city Loss of radioactive source (Ir-192, APAVE, 2014) 1
2014-09-08 Inspecta, Randaberg, Stavanger Overexposure of radiographyworker over the annual limit 2
2014-08-18 Val de Saône Polyclinic in Mâcon Interventional Radiology: exposure of a health professional in excess of the annual dose limit 2
2014-07-30 Genoa Voltri Port Object: Retrieval of Co-60 orphan source at Genoa port coming from Senegal 1
2014-07-17 Oceaneering Asset Integrity Overexposure to workers to radiografic source 2
2014-07-15 Hospital Overexposure of a service technician repairing a biplane X-ray system 3
2014-07-03 Atizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico State Stolen pick-up truck with Ir-192 cat II source 1
2014-06-11 Worksite in Pau (Pyrénées Atlantiques département) Irradiation of a worker during an intervention using gamma ray projector 2
2014-06-02 FUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI Leakage of Contaminated Water from Two Notch Tanks
2014-05-17 TARAPUR-4 Exposure of a temporary worker in excess of annual dose constraint during transfer operation of irradiated neutron detector. 1
2014-05-04 CHASNUPP-1 (C-1) Exposure to Worker in Excess of Administrative Limit 1
2014-05-02 sri lanka colombo port Inspection of Container No.TSAU 2600500 for Radioactive Contamination 1
2014-04-18 DCNS site Exposure of a worker during radiographic inspections 2
2014-04-13 FUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI Inappropriate Transfer of Contaminated Water
2014-04-09 Marietta, Ohio / Acuren Inspection, Inc. Overexposure to Radiographer 2
2014-03-13 LaPorte, Texas/Acuren Inspection Overexposure to Radiographer 2
2014-02-28 Queensland field site west of Chinchilla Overexposure of radiation workers 3