INES Levels

INES 3: Serious incident

Impact on People and Environment:
  • Exposure in excess of ten times the statutory annual limit for workers.
  • Non-lethal deterministic health effect (e.g., burns) from radiation.
Impact on Radiological Barriers and Control:
  • Exposure rates of more than 1 Sv/h in an operating area.
  • Severe contamination in an area not expected by design, with a low probability of ­significant public exposure.
Impact on Defece-in-Depth:
  • Near accident at a nuclear power plant with no safety provisions remaining.
  • Lost or stolen highly radioactive sealed source.
  • Misdelivered highly radioactive sealed source without adequate procedures in place to handle it.
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Radiographer Overexposure

On September 08, 2015, Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ARN) was informed about a radiological incident during industrial radiography of a boiler´s manifold in the Thermoelectric Power Station, located in Río Turbio, Santa Cruz.

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Overexposure of two industrial radiographers

Two industrial radiographers who were involved in an oil refinery projects, overexposed by Gamma radiation of Ir-92, 35 Ci. On 23/09/2015, one of the radiographers dismantled the guide tube without noticing that the source/holder was detached and stocked in the guide tube due to not having survey meter with him. He put the guide tube in the car between the right front chair and back chair. During the night, one of the radiographers slept in the left front chair for about 6 hours while the other slept in the right front chair for about 4 hours in different times.

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Overexposure to Radiation Worker

This is an isotope manufacturing facility. The licensee technician needed to transfer a Co-60 source drawer into a shielded container called a therapy head. A special handling tool had been bolted to the end of the source drawer and this tool was needed to safely transfer the source back inside the therapy head. The technician attempted to move the source drawer in order to gain access to the handling tool but the source drawer was stuck, so the technician pulled on the drawer.

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Missing Dangerous Source at Tepojaco, Hidalgo, Mexico

.On December 2, 2013, a vehicle transporting a teletherapy source from the IMSS Hospital in Tijuana, Baja California (Co-60 approximately 3000 Ci, Category I) to the Radioactive Waste Storage Center (CADER) in Maquixco, Mexico State was stolen near a gas station in the Municipality of Tepojaco, Hidalgo.

Law enforcement authorities tracked the teletherapy device down to a field near the town of Hueypoxtla in Mexico State, very close to where the truck was stolen, at around 14:00 (20:00 UTC) on 4 December 2013.

The radioactive cobalt-60 source had been removed from its protective shielding, bu

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Overexposure of radiation workers

After an engineer and two operators had completed the logging operation and prepared the rig floor for lifting the logging source, logging tools were brought back to surface. The two radioactive logging sources, Cs-137 and Am241-Be, were unloaded from the logging tools by the engineer.

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Overexposure of a service technician repairing a biplane X-ray system

While repairing a biplane cardiovascular X-ray system in a hospital, a service technician accidentally activated the system’s floor pedal. Moving a mobile lead shield, he did not realize that the shield was jamming the pedal. He continued his work under unnoticed exposure for about 5 minutes until the system alarm was automatically activated. Most of the time, the upper part of his body was very close to the lateral x-ray tube. He wore a lead apron during the exposure but he forgot to wear his dosimeter that day.

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Exposure to workers

On the morning of 14 February 2014, a radiography company was performing non-destructive testing by industrial radiography with a 1,22 GBq Ir-192 source to several pipe joints in a chemical plant. The operations were performed by three operators (A, B and C) in a platform at nearly 12 meters height over the floor. In order to reduce the level of radiation in the area a tungsten collimator was fixed at the tip of guide tube.

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Overxposure of an industrial radiographer

On 14 September 2013 an employee of a company for non-destructive material testing was exposed to high radiation in a refinery in Lower Saxony. The evaluation of the employee's official dosimeter showed a radiation exposure of about four times the statutory annual dose limit for occupationally exposed persons. The affected employee had a whole body exposure of 75 mSv (statutory annual dose limit for occupationally exposed workers is 20 mSv). In addition on the left hand considerable skin redness and burns have occurred.

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Contaminated water leakage from a water tank

?Regarding the contaminated water leakage from a water tank in the H4 Tank Area at Fukushima Daiichi NPS that was detected on August 19, radioactivities in the leaked water in the dike were found to be:
- Cesium-134: 4.6×101 Bq/cm3
- Cesium-137: 1.0×102 Bq/cm3
- β emitting radionuclides in total: 8.0×104 Bq/cm3
?The amount of the leaked water is estimated to be approximately 300m3, judging from the decrease of water level in the water tank in question.

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Overexposure of Workers

On October 18, 2012, three workers were overexposed during industrial radiography at Phool Nagar near Lahore. The event took place due to detachment of Ir-192 source (67 Ci) which remained stuck in the Guide Tube. The workers could not notice this and loaded the Gamma Projector and Guide Tube in the vehicle and traveled for almost 30 minutes from work site to office while placing the Guide Tube very close to the leg of one worker (‘worker A’ sitting on rear seat of the vehicle).

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