INES directory

On this page you can browse the directory of reported nuclear and radiation incidents reported to the IAEA.

Please be aware that this directory is not complete, certainly not below INES-2, as different national regulatory bodies have different measures as to what to report to the IAEA and what not.

It is also possible to check a map with all reported the incidents.

To get notified of nuclear incidents as they are added to the directory, follow @ines_events on Twitter or through the RSS-feed.

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Event date Location Incident INES level
2013-09-26 High Flux Reactor / Petten Common cause mechanical deficiency in control rods 2
2013-09-23 Augusta, Georgia/Cardinal Health Overexposure to Radiopharmacy Worker 2
2013-09-14 Refinery, Lingen Overxposure of an industrial radiographer 3
2013-08-23 LAMA (CEA Grenoble) Exposure of a worker in excess of statutory annual dose limits 2
2013-08-19 FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI Contaminated water leakage from a water tank 3
2013-08-13 Islamic Republic of, Tabriz, Tabriz University Stolen of a radioactive source 2
2013-08-02 Bordeaux university hospital Uncontrolled release of radioactive effluents into the public sewerage system 2
2013-07-19 Amelia, Louisiana/Bayou Inspection Services, Inc. Overexposure to Radiographer 2
2013-05-30 FORSMARK-3 EDG failed to start after unintentional loss of two phases on 400 kV incoming offsite supply 1
2013-05-30 Saint-Eloi Hospital (Montpellier) Interventional Radiology - Exceeding of the maximum regulatory annual effective dose 2
2013-05-20 Project EPC-30, Plant of Malvinas, Cusco Overexposure of radiographers 2
2013-05-17 Central/Eastern Canada Information on earthquake which occurred in Western Québec
2013-05-06 Hospital 'Institut Mutualiste Montsouris' (Paris) Exceeding of the maximum regulatory annual effective dose by a practitioner in interventional radiology 2
2013-05-02 Nuclear Engineering Seiberdorf, Univ. Innsbruck Overexposure of 4 persons exceeding the statutory annual whole body dose limit for workers (20 mSv) 2
2013-04-24 BLAYAIS-4 Accidental exposure of a worker exceeding annual regulatory limit to the skin 2
2013-03-22 New York, NY/ Children's Hospital at Montefiore Overexposure to Member of the Public 2
2013-03-20 Tulsa, Oklahoma / Tulsa Gamma Ray Radiographer Overexposure 2
2013-02-28 Jyväskylä Overexposure of a worker 2
2013-02-19 High Flux Reactor Petten Deficiency in the safety evaluation of the primary reactor drain line 2
2013-01-15 Tulsa, Oklahoma / Advanced Inspection Technologies Overexposure to Radiographer’s Assistant 2