First ever Russian nuclear fuel for Western reactor

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Russian-developed and manufactured TVS Kvadrat (TVS-K) fuel will be destined for the Ringhals 3, pressurised water reactor (PWR) of Sweden. Russian nuclear fuel manufacturer- TVEL, a sister concern of Rosatom, for the first time in history to supply such fuel assembly for the western design reactors.

Under an agreement signed between TVEL and Swedish state-owned concern – Vattenfall, Russia to make the first shipment of TVS-Kvadrat in April for the Ringhals 3 NPP, Informed Valborg Bjorn, Head of the North-European subdivision of Vattenfall.

“Vattenfal concluded this contract having been confirmed that Rosatom ensures very high quality of product and strictly adheres to security requirements,” said Bjorn.
A successful project outcome would enable TVEL to access the lucrative fuel market for western-designed PWRs, broadening Russian presence in the world nuclear fuel market in line with company plans to grow and diversify.
The TVS-K fuel design draws on TVEL’s extensive experience in the development, manufacture and operation of nuclear fuel for Russian-designed VVER-1000 reactors. TVEL uses well-proven design solutions relating to skeleton and spacing grids from VVER-1000 materials fuel assemblies and utilises Russian zirconium-based alloys as structural.
Unlike natural and enriched uranium, nuclear fuel assemblies are highly engineered products made to customer specifications. These specifications are in turn determined by the physical characteristics of the reactor itself, the operating and fuel cycle management strategy of the utility and licensing requirements.

TVEL supplies nuclear fuel for reactors in Russia as well as China and India in Asia.

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