Incident with nuclear fuel bars in Slovenian Krsko

Friday, October 25, 2013

During a regular maintenance of the nuclear power plant “Krsko” in Slovenia damages have been found on bars for the nuclear fuel. It was determined that one of the bars fell down to the bottom of the reactor with water.

Nuclear plant is still functioning, but it is not known until when, although reasons for this incident are unknown.

Director of the Nuclear Safety Directorate Andrej Stritar announced arrival of the team from France which will, using a special underwater robot, fully examine nuclear plant including all potential highly radioactive chips.

It was also announced that nuclear experts will speak comprehensively about this issue at a press conference announced in “Krsko” for Friday.

Otherwise, regular maintenance of the nuclear plant started on October 1 and will be continued. Authorities will decide whether they will extend the planned 35-day period.

“Krsko” representatives said that reasons for this incident will be analyzed and that all precaution measures will be taken to ensure future safety of the nuclear fuel.

RTS recalls that organizations “Greenpeace” and “Focus” few days ago asked a series of questions related to developments in the nuclear power plant “Krsko”, which was built in Slovenia while the country was one of the republics of the former Yugoslavia, and is located
near the border with Croatia.

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