Poweo says eyeing role in new French nuclear plants

Friday, July 4, 2008

PARIS, July 4 (Reuters) - French alternative power supplier Poweo on Friday said it was interested in taking part in the construction of new-generation European Pressurised nuclear Reactors (EPR) in France.

"Poweo has long expressed its interest in co-investing in an EPR, and today confirms its interest in being associated either to the Flamanville site under construction, or to the new project along with other energy players involved," the company said in a statement.

On Thursday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy gave the go-ahead for the construction of a new EPR in France, the second after the one being built at Flamanville in northern France, and the country's 60th nuclear reactor.

His announcement coincided with a move by several countries such as Britain to reconsider nuclear power as a cleaner and cheaper energy source, at a time when oil prices are approaching $150 a barrel and nations seek ways to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

France has long been an advocate of nuclear energy with its 58 reactors that are operated by state-owned group EDF and meet 80 percent of the country's electricity needs.

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