France, Britain deny seeking subsidies for nuclear industry

Monday, April 16, 2012

(BRUSSELS) - France, Britain, Poland and the Czech Republic rejected a report Friday that they want nuclear energy to receive subsidies similar to the ones enjoyed by renewable energies.

The German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported earlier that those four countries sent letters outlining their request to Brussels ahead of a meeting by European Union energy ministers next week.

The paper said the four nations want nuclear energy to receive subsidies similar to those accorded to solar and wind power.

"There is no such French initiative," said a spokesman for French industry minister Eric Besson, adding that there were no "consultations with other nations" on this issue.

British officials say London opposes any subsidies for nuclear energy and would never request it at the EU level.

The Polish economy ministry said it was "not aware of such an initiative" while a Czech industry ministry spokesman said the German paper "considerably simplified" the document.

The countries provided contributions to a debate on a roadmap for the energy sectory for 2050, but the French and British documents, seen by AFP, do not mention subsidies for the nuclear industry.

France, however, insists on nuclear power being considered a low carbon energy.

The newspaper report nonetheless put a spotlight on divisions between nuclear power France and Germany, which has decided to phase out of atomic energy by 2022.

"It is well known that these four nations have a different position than Germany regarding nuclear (power)," a German environment ministry spokesman said.

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