Vapaavuori expects decision on Fennovoima nuclear plant in August

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Economic Affairs Minister Jan Vapaavuori says government isn’t likely to make a decision on the construction of a nuclear power plant by the power consortium Fennovoima before August. Vapaavuori told Yle that the project is still important to the main government partner the National Coalition Party.

Speaking on Yle’s Aamu-tv breakfast programme Tuesday Vapaavuori confirmed that the government wouldn’t be making a decision on the proposed nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki, northwest Finland until August.

Vapaavuori’s comments followed reports by the daily Aamulehti that a decision to proceed with the project would be deferred to the end of summer this year.

“I wouldn’t use the word defer. From the start it’s always been highly likely that this would happen. From the very beginning I’ve said that government would look at the matter in June at the earliest,” Vapaavuori told Yle Tuesday.

The minister noted that it’s important to proceed with strict adherence to the law since the issue of nuclear power is a divisive and emotive issue. According to Yle he would not take a position on whether or not the Green League would exit the government if the administration gave the plant a green light.

“Each party will evaluate which decisions it wishes to be involved in and which it does not. I’m sure it has become clear that this an important matter for both senior government partners and that we won’t back down once the preconditions are met,” Vapaavuori declared. However he noted that the planned nuclear power facility would need to have substantial majority Finnish ownership.

A majority of coalition government favours re-issuing a permit for the construction of the plant following its ownership re-shuffle which saw Russian nuclear contractor come aboard as supplier as well as part owner. However one of the junior government partners -- the Green League -- says it does not support the construction of any new nuclear power facilities in Finland.

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