Politika: Slovenia will build second unit in Krsko NPP on Sava river

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ljubljana. The state-managed energy company GEN Energy in Slovenia, which owns half of Krsko NPP, has filed an application with the Economy Ministry in Ljubljana for a permit to build a second unit in the nuclear power plant, Serbian Politika daily writes.
The other part of the power plant in Krsko is owned by Croatia. The country will not participate in the construction of the second unit, which will be situated on the Sava river, some 30 km away from Zagreb.

The decision will be made within 2 months. GEN Energy does not doubt the application will be approved. The documents prove that the construction of the new unit is justified not only by the shortage of energy generation in the country, but also from an economic and environmental point of view, the newspaper says.

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