Škundrić: Serbia ready to take part in Belene project

Friday, October 15, 2010

Serbia is ready to consider participation in building of another Bulgarian NPP "Belene", but still awaits concrete offer, in writing, to be able to take concrete decision, announced today Serbian Ministry for Energy Petar Škundrić in interview for Bulgarian National Radio.

"Consent is given but we still didn't negotiated level of involvement in that project. I am expecting in near future offer of Bulgarian Government to enable us to take a decision" explained Mr Škundrić.

Also he precised that Serbian Govt is expecting this offer in the next month. A verbal offer already exists and was given by Mr Bojko Borisov during his visit to Belgrade.

He added that consultations where done with Chinese partners (Banks) regarding their financial support to this involvement.

"They expressed serious interest for this involvement, but they also need real parameters and numbers" pointed out the Minister.

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