Possible Chinese loan to Serbia for Serbian participation in Belene project

Monday, July 26, 2010

Chinese development Bank interested to finance Serbian participation in building NPP in Belene and in some other energy projects, announced today representatives of that Bank.

“We spoke about that project in Bulgaria, we are interested and there is obvious advance in that direction”, vice governor of CDBank Gao Jian told to media after talks with Serbian minister for Energy and Mining Mr Petar Skundric.

Beside that project CDB is interested to finance other energy project in Serbia and other infrastructure, talks where conducted about loans in Juans not in Euros.

Minister for Energy and Mining told to media that loans will be given under commercial conditions but much better than any other offers of different banks to energy sector of Serbia.

“CDB has more than 650 billion of US$ of its own capital and has invested more than 100 billion over last year outside China” pointed out Mr Skundric

Mr Skundric also pointed out that realization of projects in Serbia will be in line with projections of priorities of development of energy sector in Serbia, and added that another round of talks should take place with CDB later this year.

CDB is apart of Nuclear project interested to take part in another capital investment in reconstruction of coal powered thermo power plant in “Kostolac” on Danube river downstream of capital of Serbia Belgrade, which will be financed by EKSIM bank.

Vice Governor of CDB highlighted that relations of China and Serbia very friendly for long time and added that China should help Serbia to find way out of financial and economical crisis.

“CDB wants to establish cooperation with Serbia based on healthy market principles” pointed out Mr Gao Jian and added that “strong political support is also obvious in this initiatives”.

Ambassador of PR China to Serbia Mr Vei Djinghua reminded that President of Serbia Mr. Boris tadic visited PR China last year when new strategically partnership of Serbia and China was established, and that president of All Chinese National Congress visited Belgrade in July thus Year.

Ambassador added that this new movements are concretization of partnership that was initiated by two Country leadership.

Bulgarian Prime minister Bojko Borisov was the first who proposed to Serbia to take part in Belene project during his visit to Serbia on 26th of April 2010.

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