Oppositionists not allowed picketing against nuclear power station construction

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Astravets regional executive committee denied public activists Mikalay Ulasevich and Ivan Kruk a right to hold informational pickets at the territory of Astravets district Hrodna region.

They applied to hold 5 informational pickets 9n November (two in Astravets, others in Mikhalishki, Varanyany and Hervyaty) against construction of a nuclear power station in the region, the human rights centre “Viasna” informs.

Public and political activists intended to tell the local dwellers the truth about danger and aftermaths of a nuclear power station construction at the territory of the district which is one of the ecologically cleanest in Belarus and one of the most promising regions for tourism development.

The first deputy chairman of Astravets regional executive committee V. Slavinski who signed the denial, found a very unusual reason for that.

“The permission was refused, as goals and ways of holding a picket go above requirements stipulate in the Law of the Republic of Belarus of December 30, 1997 No.114-3 “On mass events in Belarus,” the denial reads.

Ivan Kruk and Mikalay Ulasevich categorically objected such an unusual interpretation of the law and plan to seek justice in a court.

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