Argentina committed stepping up nuclear cooperation with Algeria

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Argentina is willing stepping up cooperation with Algeria, aiming to developing the nuclear project which was acquired by Algeria in the 80’s, or when Algeria bought its first nuclear plant, Noor, with 3 megawatt capacity, situated in Draria, western Algiers, the Argentina Ambassador to Algeria, HEM Bibiana Jones, said.

Speaking at a news conference held yesterday at the embassy headquarters, the Ambassador of Argentina indicated that its Government is aiming concluding a bilateral convention with Algeria, such an issue will be discussed during the 4th Algeria- Argentina joint committee, scheduled on current April, 5, and 6th, in Algiers. If such an agreement will be achieved, it will be included in the scientific cooperation chapter, enabling Algeria obtaining the nuclear technology, and developing its old nuclear plant located in Draria, west Algiers, as the plant has been acquired from Argentina.

She further said that all the conventions signed between both countries, will be boosted, as the joint committee has not been held since 4 years ago. Even if both countries officials are seeking to tie profitable cooperation relationships in the framework of the South-South cooperation, rather than the existing commercial activities between both countries.

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